Active Toun

We are creating a network of travel routes in and around Musselburgh. These routes will be for walking, wheeling and cycling. We want to make sure they make the best use of the street space to cater for all activities and for all users. The project is called Musselburgh Active Toun or MAT.

We developed high level proposals for three of the routes (Routes 1 West, 2 and 5) which we consulted on for eight weeks during summer 2021 using an online platform. That has now closed but you can still take a look at the proposals.

Project Update

Since summer 2021 we have reviewed the consultation feedback and produced a Consultation Report.

We also produced a Consultation Gap Analysis Report which identifies sections of the community that may be underrepresented in the responses that were received through the consultation.

Since we first published the Musselburgh Active Travel Masterplan in 2018, a number of other local schemes have developed. The consultation feedback and the effects of other schemes led the project team to review the Masterplan. The revised Masterplan is set out in the Masterplan Addendum Report.

The other schemes include the Musselburgh Flood Protection Scheme (MFPS) which has expanded in scope and scale, the Brunton Journey Hub, Spaces for People and Bus Partnership Fund.

The MAT team attended MFPS consultations at the Brunton Hall in February and March 2022 where we gathered lots of additional feedback. We have published this feedback in the MAT MFPS consultation report.

We are now working up preferred Concept Designs for two of the Masterplan routes (Routes 2 and 5), taking into account the MAT consultation feedback plus feedback from MFPS and Spaces for People consultations.

We are also engaging with young people through teaching staff at Musselburgh Grammar School.

Once the Concept Designs have been completed, we will be seeking funding from Transport Scotland’s Places for Everyone Fund to progress the two routes to Developed Designs.