About the Project

This is what we’d like to see for Musselburgh

  • The sustainable growth of Musselburgh’s transport network
  • To enhance the environment in and around Musselburgh
  • To improve the health and wellbeing of people living, working and studying in Musselburgh, as well as those visiting
  • Community-led decision making
  • To enhance the local economy and tourism
  • To create a high quality, safe, and accessible network
  • To improve equality and choice for those living, working and studying in Musselburgh

Background to the Musselburgh Active Toun Project

In 2018, East Lothian Council, and our partners AECOM and Sustrans, gathered data and peoples’ feedback about Musselburgh’s streets. Using that, we identified routes that people thought were important and the improvements they’d like to see.

The first stage of work on this project was summarised in a report Future Proofing Musselburgh’s Infrastructure for Sustainable Modes of Travel, known for short as the Musselburgh Active Travel Master Plan.

Progress so far

We added to the main routes with local connecting routes and developed Concept Design options for Routes 1 West, 2 and 5.

The routes run:

  • west to east from Milton Road East through the town to Wallyford Toll Roundabout
  • south to north from the new developments near Queen Margaret University, along the River Esk to Goose Green.

The designs reflect the improvements people wanted.

The plans included

  • new separate cycle lanes
  • traffic free paths
  • improved pedestrian infrastructure, such as better crossings and wider footways, where possible
  • improved public spaces.

Since summer 2021 we have reviewed the consultation feedback and produced a Consultation Report.


We also produced a Consultation Gap Analysis Report which identifies sections of the community that may be underrepresented in the responses that were received through the consultation.

Since we first published the Musselburgh Active Travel Masterplan in 2018, a number of other local schemes have developed. The consultation feedback and the effects of other schemes led the project team to review the Masterplan. The revised Masterplan is set out in the Masterplan Addendum Report.

The other schemes include the Musselburgh Flood Protection Scheme (MFPS) which has expanded in scope and scale, the Brunton Journey Hub, Spaces for People and Bus Partnership Fund.

The MAT team have attended MFPS consultations. The feedback has been reviewed and summarised in the MAT MFPS consultation report.

You can see the updated masterplan below.

An overview map of all 6 key routes and the local routes included in the Musselburgh - Active Toun project

This Stage

We are engaging with young people through teaching staff at Musselburgh Grammar School. Feedback received through this exercise will be taken into account.

We have done detailed surveys to get an exact picture of road widths, road markings, street furniture etc.

We are now working up preferred Concept Designs for Routes 2 and 5, taking into account all our consultation feedback and feedback from other local projects such as Spaces for People.

As detailed in the Masterplan Addendum Report, the extents and scope of Route 1 have been reduced, and this route will be taken forward in a subsequent design stage.

How is the project funded?

This stage of the Musselburgh – Active Toun project is funded by the Scottish Government.

Who’s behind it?

We are working with a number of partners to deliver the project.


East Lothian Council

is leading the project



is the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle


Transport Scotland

is the Scottish Government’s national transport agency for Scotland. It funds Places for Everyone through Sustrans Scotland.


are design consultants.

What happens next?

Now pedestrian, cycle and vehicle movements have returned to more normal levels since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will undertake parking and loading surveys across Musselburgh. These are scheduled for Spring 2022 and will help us understand how parking and loading work now and how our proposals may affect them.

We will apply to the Places for Everyone fund during 2022 aiming to secure funding for the next stages of the project. If 

successful, we will use all the information we’ve gathered to develop detailed drawings of the preferred design for each of the two routes. We will be doing further consultations as the Developed Designs are produced.

We will also be seeking funding to develop the Concept Designs and then Developed Designs for the other main and local connecting routes in the Masterplan. We will consult at every stage.

Project Timeline


  • Musselburgh Active Travel Masterplan finalised
  • Project development of concept options
  • Engagement so far:
    • Stakeholder workshops
    • Public engagement and online survey
    • High level of support for the Masterplan and each of the key routes.


    • Project receives funding from Places for Everyone for Routes 1, 2 and 5

    2021 – 2022

    • Public engagement on concept options for Routes 1, 2 & 5
      • We followed government guidance regarding COVID-19 and so all of our consultation was online.
    • Consultation analysis and reporting, produced Masterplan Addendum Report
    • Design underway for Routes 2 and 5 preferred concept designs


    • Design and consultation process ongoing
    • Future engagement
      • Design work will continue with regular consultations at each stage of the process.

    2024 / 2025

    Construction begins